I reject the idea that 2016 is the worst year ever. Sure, we have lost icons like David Bowie, Prince, Carrie Fisher, and George Michael.  Yes, we have elected a fascist egomaniac and given a sense of power to those who aim to take away basic civil rights and freedoms.  And, above all, my hero slipped from my life leaving the biggest hole in my heart.  2016 has been hard but I cannot abide by the idea that our hard times end at midnight Saturday night.  Bowie, Prince, Fisher, and George will still be gone.  The inauguration will still occur in 20 days.  And, sadly, I still won’t have my dad.  There has been so much pain and loss in 2016 but there will be more in 2017.  Pain is a part of life, and a necessary contrast so that we recognize joy.

With my meager voice, I implore you to continue celebrating music and movies. I ask you to continue voting, advocating, and loving those who are frightened and feeling unloved.  I beg of you to see the good that has come out of 2016 and if you can’t find any examples, come gaze upon my sweet baby.  I beg you to walk with me into 2017.  I know that I need someone to lean on and want to be that person for you too.  Thank you 2016, for preparing me to fight for a better tomorrow.  Let’s carry the good forward and help each other stand.


One thought on “2016

  1. Sweet, brilliant Lauren,
    I do not live nearby, or even in the next state (yet!). But if ever you feel you need support, look over your shoulder…I am standing there, singing softly an anthem of power and love. I will stand here for you, I will be your standing stone. Love, Aunt Deborah


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