Head of the Class

Today is my first class for a postgrad summer course. Since it disrupts my typical work schedule, I prepared my Thurs clients for the change and also gathered their advice for returning to “school.”  

  • Mrs Lauren, you should’ve worn a different outfit.  Something more…fly.
  • If you have to go potty, raise your hand and ask to go but don’t tell them if it’s poop because they will laugh at you.
  • You should flirt with the teacher. (Um, doubtful)
  • You should flirt with the others in the class! (Um, also doubtful!)
  • If you feel wiggly, just wiggle your toes.  You aren’t supposed to get out of your seat.
  • Make a new friend.
  • Be nice and don’t hit.
  • If someone is mean to you or you are sad because you don’t know the answer, please use your coping skills. (Hooray!  Someone has been listening!)

And the best advice came from my son…”Mama, do your best.  Be smart like me and run really fast at recess.  Oh, and don’t be embarrassing.”  


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