The Mouths of Babes Should Shut Up!

Working with kids is not for the faint of heart. One cannot expect to have their ego stroked by these literal beings. Adults who surround themselves with kids cannot be needy, insecure, or weak of heart.  To illustrate this point, I’d like to share some “compliments” I’ve collected over the years as a parent and children’s therapist.

  1. Logan (age 3) – “Mama, I love your big old body!”
  2. “Mrs. Lauren, what was life like before tv’s? What did you do for fun?”
  3. “Mrs. Lauren, when will you have your baby?” (Said 5 months after I had Jack.)
  4. “Mrs. Lauren, you look pretty good for someone so old and fat!?”
  5. “No disrespect but someone born before the internet can’t possibly understand how important it is for me to have a Samsung Galaxy.”
  6. Jack (age 23 months) – “Mama, belly!” (Said as he jiggles my belly flab and laughs hysterically.)
  7. “Mrs. Lauren, does your husband still love you even though you have gotten old.”
  8. “Oh! My grandma has that same coat!”
  9. Logan (present day) – “Mama, why do you have silver sparkly hair?”
  10. “Are you just calling it in today, Mrs. Lauren?”
  11. “Mrs. Lauren, I love how you dress like you just don’t care!”
  12. “Will you tell me stories about the old times…before instagram.”
  13. “But how did you know who was with who?” (referring to life before social media)
  14. “I’ll see you next time, unless you are retiring soon?”
  15. “Mrs. Lauren, let me explain.  A selfie is when you take a picture of yourself.  You might need to take notes.”
  16. “You don’t understand! I’m not like you. I care about how my hair looks!”
  17. “Oh, Mrs. Lauren, I love when your neck gobbles back and forth!”
  18. “No, I don’t read books because now there are things like ipads and snapchat.”
  19. “Was it hard when you got your job and had to learn to use a computer?”

And the ultimate…

20.  “Mrs. Lauren! How can you like Justin Timberlake? He’s sooo OLD!?”



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