More Logan Flashbacks

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More Facebook Flashback Fun! (Amy, this alliteration is for you!)

  • “It is freezing in here! I’ve been sweating my whole life!”
  • I love listening to Logan play with his toys. Batman just said to Spiderman, “Hi babe. Wanna fight the bad guys?”
  • Best part of my day: Eating a treat with Logan and having him say “Mama, I’ve been thinking about you today and I think you are a pretty good mama this time.”
  • My child’s bedtime is 7:45. It is now 9:52 and he just walked into the living room wearing a feather boa.
  • Mama, can we go to the park with the disgusting potties?
  • “it’s mother’s day and I need your eyes to open so I can give you your present.” My sweet boy gave me a plush dog with a card that plays music.
  • Logan ran in the Tadpole Trot today. He rounded the curve of the track, saw me, and burst into tears. I carried across the finish line. Why was he crying? “those boys were chasing me!”
  • Logan insisted Trey call me while I’m battling Walmart bc he had something “portant” to tell me. “Mommy, if a shark and a swordfish meet the swordfish needs to poke the shark before the shark uses his sharp teeth to bite the swordfish.”
  • Logan lost the privilege of sleeping with 20 stuffed animals in his bed bc he was playing and not sleeping. He boo hoo’d for 30 min straight and said “Tell daddy that families stay together! Grover needs his family! Why is my daddy keeping Grover from his family?”
  • Logan was practicing sword fighting with a straw and stabbed himself up the nose. He said through the tears, “Well, that doesn’t happen in the movies!?”
  • Pretty sure my Mom of the Year trophy will be waiting on my doorstep tonight. I dropped Logan off at my mom’s this morning wearing 1 shoe, a dirty shirt, having eaten no breakfast, and wearing eye shadow. On the latter, he announced “Look, I’m pretty like mommy!”
  • A 5 year old boy moved in next door and Logan is in heaven! He just told me, “Mama, don’t be embarrassing when I see my new best friend!”
  • Logan was playing with his toy pirates and Trey overheard “shut up you idiot.” He told Logan to go to time out for saying ugly words. Logan argued “But it wasn’t me, daddy! It was my pirate. Pirates are ugly people and say nasty things!” He went to time out and did his time quietly. When freed, Logan came to me and asked, “Mama, can you ‘splain to daddy that pirates are nasty people and say nasty words?”
  • Logan signaled the end of a tantrum by calmly asking if he could drive. Um, no.
  • Says the kid, “I wish my eyes could see my back. I don’t even know if I have a tail back there!?”

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