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I stumbled upon an old jump drive when cleaning out a purse. On the drive were relics of a previous job and documents I once thought useful. Among the dated documents, I also found an old list of Facebook statuses written about Logan when he was 4 years old. I’ve never been a good scrapbook and have two empty baby books for my two babies. I have documented many of Logan’s antics (and now Jack’s) via Facebook statuses. I love looking back! Below is part of the list I found on the jump drive.

  • After a couple rough days at school, Logan summed up his behavior by explaining “I hit because my hands don’t have brains in them. I don’t hit with my brain so I just need tiny brains in my hands and I won’t hit anymore.”
  • Logan’s explanation for wetting the bed: “My penis was full of peepee but my legs were still asleep so I pottied in my bed.”
  • Logan just told me he wants me to just cut the front of his hair so the back can be long. Did my 4 year old request a mullet?
  • Logan asked why I was arguing with daddy. I told him that sometimes grown ups argue about little stuff but then we say sorry and we always love each other. He said “and we never turn our backs on our family!” Um, right…
  • Sad day…Logan didn’t take Grover to school today bc he is “a big boy now, Mama!” sniff, sniff
  • I asked Logan for ideas of what to do tomorrow night for family night and his ideas were: (1) go to the beach, (2) go to Savannah to see where he was born, (3) go to Beth Onk’s house to see Hannah and Jill.
  • Tonight Logan thanked God for his “nice daddy” but then asked God to help his “daddy not be grumpy.”
  • “Mama, I need to wear my life jacket to school so I don’t drown.”
  • Logan will you please carry these towels to the bathroom? “ I can’t. I have two lizards in my hands.” Why do you have lizards in your hands? “ So I can’t carry towels.”
  • Logan came home from school talking about “en-jah” turtles. He asked to go on a nature hike to find some “en-jah” turtles so we can see them fight.
  • Just kissed my sleeping sweetie before heading to bed and he yelled in a stern voice, “Put me down?” I backed out of his room very slowly!
  • Logan’s class is learning about birthdays this week. I was filling out the paper about the day he was born and he asked what question I was thinking about. I said “I’m trying to think of something special about the day you were born.” Logan said “I know! I was borned and I loved you and Daddy bery, bery much!”
  • Logan kissed me goodbye before I left for work and said “Have fun at your work and learn something today!”
  • L, while watching Roary the Racing Car: “Well mom, I’m going to take a piss stop.” Me: you mean pit stop!
  • Logan just made his cannoli peek around the corner and say “Hello, my name is cannoli!”

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