Answered prayers

My Facebook status 5 years ago today was: Says Logan, “Mama, tell me the story when you get so so mad at me.” Says me, “When you put pudding on the wall?” Logan: “No.” Me: “When you kicked the dog?” Logan: “No, mama. When I hide your music.” And so I say to you, dear Facebook friends, let me know if you find my ipod. Thanks. Logan has always kept us on our toes. Always. Before he was born we joked that we were praying for a healthy, happy, funny baby. Our cup is runneth over with funny. Logan has the greatest worldview. This wit and creative outlooks has helped us manage his stubborn nature and persistent competitiveness.  He is, however, fairly shy around those he doesn’t know well. He takes awhile to warm up to people. For this reason, he doesn’t always say Facebook-worthy funnies unless around those he is very close to. When I got pregnant with Jack, I worried that he wouldn’t be as funny. Logan has garnered a following duhaire to his antics documented through statuses. What if, in comparison, Jack was dull? Little did I know. Seriously, this kid is a trip! He has Logan’s tenacity and creativity but lacks the social anxiety. He walks into daycare and announces “Ta-Da!” He blows kisses to random men at the grocery store and then calls them “Daddy?” I no longer turn scarlet in the face and feel obligated to explain that he has a daddy but likes to call all men daddy. I just smile and let them wonder. Jack dances like Chris Farley (I’ll pause for those who don’t know the reference to consult YouTube and will keep my judgments about your comic ignorance to myself…) He puts cheerios down his shirt and crayons in his diaper. He jumps and then exclaims “Wow!” He says “Bye-bye, tree!” to every tree during our car rides home from daycare.  He puts stickers in his hair and melts down if/when they are removed. He insists on sleeping with five stuffed animals at night. Jack loves Mojo but calls Banjo “No-No!” The kid is funny. My concerns were unfounded. Yesterday, while we were trying to get ready for church, Jack emptied Trey’s nightstand drawephoto (2)rs, hid every pair of my socks around the house, cleared off my dresser, climbed the refrigerator shelves to help himself to yogurt, and used my hairbrush to groom the dog. I finally begged Logan, “Will you please, please take your brother to the sunroom and play with him so I can dry my hair?” Logan obliged after reminding me that I was the one that prayed for another baby. Every night I pray for my boys to be healthy, happy, and to always know that they are loved. I’ve also begun praying that Trey and I continue to recognize their worth and laugh even when the boys are driving us crazy. These days I’m doing a lot of laughing…and searching for socks.


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